About Joey

How did I get into quilting? Read ahead to find out more...

I started quilting 4 months before I was to get married in 2003 and I wanted to give my bridal party a quilt.

I made 4 Double Wedding Ring Wallhangings and a Twin Size Monkey Wrench for the Maid of Honor, my sister, in just 4 months.

My sister is asking me for another one in the colors of orange and blue, I’m guessing those are her college colors!

There are NO quilters in my family that I know of. I’m the first and hope to be passing the love and joy to my children. 

Then in 2013, Mother’s Day, my hubby got me a used Gammill Premier-Plus Longarm Machine. He won Hubby of the Century Award! I’m not kidding. He just made my dream come true! I have been wanting one for years but since they cost the same as a used or new car, I was just going to wait it out. I didn’t have to wait long just 3 short years!

  • Christian
  • Wife to Jason
  • Mother to 4 wonderful and energetic kids 
  • Quilter since February 2003
  • Air Force Veteran
  • Retired Nurse
  • Homeschool Mom
  • First Quilter in the Family 
  • Real Estate Investor

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 937.754.5225

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​​​​​​​Location: Springboro, Ohio

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Joey ~ Quilt Whisper

Located in Springboro, Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati doing Longarm Machine Quilting Services. Columbus is about 45 mins away too.

Sharing my love of machine quilting mostly.

I love the designing process, to stitching it all together, and finally putting it on my Gammill Premier-Plus "Mr. T" to put the finishing touches on the top.

Let me put together a quilt for you.

I've been quilting since 2003. Hubby got my Gammill in 2013.