Joey: The Quilt Whisperer


Joey: The Quilt Whisperer

Hi Quilty Friends! I would LOVE for you to get to know me better.
l. How long have you been making quilts? Would you describe your learning process? 

I’ve been making quilts since 2003. Read my “About” page on how I got started. It’s quite the story. My learning process is that I’m self taught and I like it that way. I’ve YET to go to a quilting/sewing class. I learn by online classes or YouTube. I like quilting because if I make a mistake no one can tell.

2. When did you learn to quilt? How old were you when you made your first quilt? Why did you learn at this particular time? 

I taught myself when I was 24 years young. You are NEVER to young to start learning! Why? Well, once again I’ll direct you to my “About” page to read about that!

3. How many quilts have you made in your life? 

Wow, too many to count probably in the hundreds now! I love making them and giving them away to family members, friends, charities, and baby showers.

4. What other crafts do you practice? How does quilting compare with these?

I dabble in cross stitching, painting, and some others since I was a young kid. I love crafting. Quilting, by far, is my favorite craft.

5. When do you normally quilt? Time of day, year?

I quilt throughout the year. I have several projects going on at the same time. Late afternoons are my time of day to be quilting. Of course, once I’m done homeschooling the kiddos and a few household chores are done. ❤️I sometimes forget to feed the family, but I’m guessing some of you quilters can relate. LOL

6. Do you know others who quilt in your community or parish?

Of course, I do! And not just in my community, but all over the world!!!