Joey’s Sewing Space


Joey’s Sewing Space

Hey Quilty Friend!

I believe EVERY QUILTER wants to see every other quilter's sewing space. Don't you? I do! LOL

I guess we all have the same big? or small? What goes into your space? Does it make you happy? Is it on the main floor or basement? Garage? Is it still a work in progress?

I was in the garage for 3+ years and didn't have an issue with it. My hubby on the other hand didn't like that I was in the garage at our old house! I had fans and the garage door opened in the summer and portable heaters in the winter time.

When we built our second home (first time building), we made sure that it had a basement. Yes, the house was built around Mr. T, my Gammill-Premier Plus Longarm Machine! While I was hosting my son's 5th birthday, the dads that attended went outside/downstairs to bring Mr. T to his new space in the basement. It took about 11 guys to bring Mr. T through the windows. Thankfully we thought of the windows to easily POP OUT! Huge blessing!

Here are a few pictures of my sewing space. It has the sewing table, four work tables (one for ironing, cutting, and two for laying out designs/fabrics), fabric containers, Mr T, and an office desk.

Yes those white bins in the back are filled with fabrics that are folded nicely on the magazine boards.

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