My Favorite Color Is…


My Favorite Color Is…

My favorite color is green. Green is my favorite color. The grass is green. Plant stems are green. Money is green. Trees are green. NATURE IS GREEN! The color green makes me happy.

I looked up, “What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?” and it stated like a wide-open field, green is serene. The balance of warm and cool tones also suggest stability and approachability. I’ve also read that “you are loyal, very frank with others, and you consider your reputation a very important part of your life.” Hmmmm, I think that NAILED me!

  • You have a special connection to nature. It feeds your soul.
  • Whether it is spending time in the garden or finding creative ways to bring the outdoors in, your favorite activities revolve around all that Mother Nature has to offer.
  • You dislike chaos and strive for consistency and balance.
  • Time management is a strength because you quickly prioritize.
  • You have business savvy because you target what is most important and delegate what is not.
  • You rarely sweat the small stuff.
  • You are environmentally aware and involved in community affairs.
  • You have a knack for seeing the big picture and understanding multiple points of view.
  • Others admire your clarity and respect your objective and fair outlook.

Want to find out what your color says about you? Click here.

Do you feel that your favorite color says a lot about who you are? I think so.

Green is┬ámy favorite color because I feel alive when I see it. I rarely wear the color. Maybe I need too? Nah! I feel at peace and I love that nature is mostly GREEN!!! Don’t you agree that the color green is peaceful?