My Oldest UFO Quilting Project

My Oldest UFO Quilting Project

Wow, I can not believe I’m going to put myself under the bus and come out and say that my OLDEST UFO Quilting Project is from 2003. Yes the YEAR I got married! Oh my gosh!! 17 YEARS AGO!! Anyone else has an older project then me? Purty please?

UFO = UnFinished Object

And YES, its for the hubby! Oopsie!! LOL He is so patient and laid back. He has wondered about his quilt ONLY a FEW times in the past 17 years!

I have the fabrics that I bought from Hawaii in a bin just for this quilt and the backing fabric. Hubby wanted yellow fleece for the back. Soft and comfy! I have that too and its in a plastic bag waiting for the day that I put it all together.

Yes, this quilt will have fabric that I bought in Hawaii. From the local quilt shops (I wish I could find the pictures I took inside of them ~ They were amazing!) and from Walmart that I visited in Hawaii, well actually the island named Kauai is actually the Hawaiian island we stayed at for our honeymoon.

I’m stuck on the design. I can’t seem to get past what I’ve done. I know that I need to add more to it, just don’t know which way to go. I’m thinking of adding bias tape strips so that the star stands out a bit more.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll just start designing today and wait to give it to him in 3 years on our 20th anniversary. OH MY GOODNESS, that’s just CRAZY to even think about that! I need to make it at least a KING SIZE quilt for our bed! Any ideas to add to this quilt top?

Leave me a message with your oldest UFO quilting project!