On My Design Wall is

design wall

On My Design Wall is...

I've had that Patriotic Storm At Sea Pattern on my design wall for the past 3 years maybe 4 years now. Oopsie!

It's paper-pieced and I have no clue why I haven't finished it, more than HALF of it is completed! It sits next to my Singer featherweights sewing machine shelf.

It's pretty, ain't it? I think so. It's not complicated at all. Just a bit time consuming. I guess that's why I haven't finished it yet.

Do you ever start a quilt project just to put it aside for weeks, months, or years?

Yup, I've done all of those.

I know I had to go and get some more pinks because I ran out of that fabric. I didn't have anymore in my stash. Don't you just hate that? I did. But at least I got to go shopping. LOL

 I have 3 more rows to do their blocks then sew all of them into rows. Then sew the rows together. Maybe this is the year 2020 that I get this one done too.