Why Do I Quilt?

why do I quilt?

Why Do I Quilt?

I quilt for the joy of creating, the creativity that goes into designing then choosing the fabrics, and lastly ~ it makes me happy. I love the look on someone’s face when they receive the quilt as a gift. 

Yes, I have fun picking a design, then choosing the fabrics, then getting to cut up the fabrics into tiny pieces and then sewing them back together. LOL 

I like the charm squares, jelly rolls, layer cakes etc. that makes it easier for me in picking/putting fabrics together. I’m not that good with choosing the fabrics that goes together if they aren’t in a collection to make it easier for me. 

I am relaxed when I’m being creative. Aren’t you?

If you read my story, then you know I’m the first in my family to be a quilter. I hope to pass this on to my kids. I have four and two of them know how to sew a straight line. The boy in the family wants a red sewing machine, I’ve tried looking for one for him. Yes, his favorite color is red so why wouldn’t he want a red sewing machine. LOL